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Sun, 28 Feb 2021 13:53:25 -0800

A Perseverance extravaganza!
Witness the Mars rover’s dramatic landing from every angle, and help make more exploration like this happen.

Perseverance Firsts: The Best Moments from NASA's Mars Rover Landing
All the best moments so far from NASA's Perseverance rover, all in one place.

The next era of Mars exploration is here!
With 3 new missions safely at Mars, we’re ready for the next era of exploration and discovery.

Life on Mars: Your Questions Answered
The Red Planet once had liquid water on the surface, and conditions that could have supported life.

All eyes on Mars
This week the world’s attention is on Mars as its next era of exploration begins. We’re also digging into space policy, with new actions you can take.

Are the Universe's Smallest Stars Promising Places for Life?
Red dwarf stars are more common than our Sun. What are the prospects for life on exoplanets that orbit them?

NASA Recommendations for the Biden Administration
NASA is not a problem to be solved but a tool that drives solutions. The Planetary Society recommends investments in science, exploration, and planetary defense as a means to invest in the national manufacturing and scientific workforce and strengthen international alliances.

The ISS in perspective, and bad news for Venusians
Just how big is the International Space Station? See for yourself, and catch up on this week’s space news.

Mars Perseverance Rover Landing Watch Party
Relive the excitement of NASA's Perseverance rover sticking the landing on Mars with our panel of experts: Bethany Ehlmann, Derek Muller, Raquel Nuno, and Bill Nye.

STEP Grants: Science and Technology Empowered by the Public
The Planetary Society's STEP Grants fund innovative science and technology projects that advance solar system exploration, bolster the search for life, and help defend Earth from dangerous asteroids.

A Martian smile and an Apollo anniversary
We’re gearing up for a Mars landing, and our chief advocate takes a look at crewed Moon programs past and future.

Apollo 14
Alan Shepard and Ed Mitchell became the 5th and 6th NASA astronauts to walk on the Moon. It was a triumphant return to lunar exploration after the near-disaster of Apollo 13.

Beyond the Horizon
Virtual fundraiser gala connecting space enthusiasts around the world for an evening of storytelling, entertainment, and opportunities to support space science and exploration.

The far reaches of the solar system and beyond
Take a look at distant worlds, far-out views of the cosmos, and even some remote possibilities with this week’s scoop on space news and solar system history.

NASA Solar Sails Build on LightSail 2
NEA Scout will visit a near-Earth asteroid and Solar Cruiser will test the largest solar sail yet.

NEA Scout, NASA's Solar Sail Mission to an Asteroid
NEA Scout will use a solar sail to leave the Moon's orbit and visit a near-Earth asteroid.

Solar Cruiser, NASA's Large Solar Sail Test
The biggest solar sail yet will create an artificial orbit between the Earth and Sun.

The companions of the planets
Turn your minds to the moons of our solar system, the missions to explore them, and the awe they inspire in us.

Solar System History 101
How did our solar system come to be? Why are the planets, asteroids, comets, and other small worlds where they are now?

Solar System Timeline
How did our solar system come to be, and when did key events that led to life on Earth occur?

Jupiter Mission by China Could Include Callisto Landing
China plans to select one of two Jupiter mission concepts that would launch in 2029 and arrive in 2035.

Associate Editor
The Planetary Society seeks a talented writer-editor to help us advance space science and exploration.

Processing images of the cosmos and returning to the Moon
Take a look at space image processing, and try it yourself. Plus, catch up on the week’s space news.

Seeing, feeling, and imagining the cosmos
Explore space art created by members of The Planetary Society’s community, and learn about a possible alien signal.

So long, 2020, and thanks for all the space
Look back on the year’s accomplishments and enjoy the beauty of the cosmos.

Jupiter and Saturn Great Conjunction Viewing Guide
There's still time to get outside and see Jupiter and Saturn together in the evening sky.

Congress Comes Through for NASA Science, But Not Artemis
Planetary Society priorities, including Mars Sample Return and the Roman Space Telescope, were funded by Congress in its NASA budget. But Project Artemis's human landing system received only a fraction of its requested amount, pushing a return to the Moon further into the 2020s.

Chang'e-5: China's Moon Sample Return Mission
China's Chang’e-5 mission returned Moon samples to Earth and is now on an extended mission to study the Sun and possibly asteroids.

Aliens at Proxima Centauri? A New Radio Signal Raises the Question
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, so here are the reasons why there may or may not be aliens in our cosmic backyard.

The great conjunction! (And how it functions)
Everything you need to know about Saturn and Jupiter’s upcoming conjunction, and more from this week in space exploration.

NASA Abruptly Delays a Critical Planetary Defense Mission
A space telescope that would find thousands of potential "city-killer" size asteroids was abruptly delayed due to unspecified and unrelated funding issues within NASA's science division.

Calibrating Mars
Two colorful calibration targets will help scientists measure what the Perseverance rover sees on Mars.

Your Impact: December Solstice 2020
We're celebrating a congressional nod, PlanetVac's upcoming trip to the Moon and Mars, and more.

The Year 2020 in Pictures
These pictures helped us find hope and perseverance during a tough year on planet Earth.

Wish upon a shooting star (or a descending asteroid sample)
Hayabusa2 brings its sample safely to Earth, and the Geminids meteor shower approaches.

Your guide to future total solar eclipses
Bruce Betts and Sarah Al-Ahmed provided a guide to all total solar eclipses through the end of the 2020s, with dates and locations.

Planetfest '21: To Mars and Back Again
The Planetary Society hosted Planetfest '21: To Mars and Back Again on 13, 14, and 18 February 2021 in celebration of an exciting new era of space exploration.

The Best of 2020
Results from your votes for the best of planetary science and exploration in 2020.

The Planetary Society Live
Tune in here for live conversations between space experts and Planetary Society members and supporters around the world—that means you! Missed an event? Don't worry, we've got archived shows, too.

Would you care for a sample?
Bringing samples of the Moon and Ryugu to Earth, and mourning further damage to the Arecibo Observatory.

A moon mountain and a radio retrospective
Say hello to a new lunar sample return mission and farewell to a long-lived radio observatory. Plus, celebrate 18 years of Planetary Radio.

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Moon Features You Can See From Earth
What can you see on the Moon tonight? This guide from The Planetary Society will help you identify some features.

Planetary Society Reacts to Loss of Arecibo Observatory Radio Telescope
Arecibo helped us explore the cosmos and our solar system, search for life, and defend Earth from potentially dangerous asteroids.

2020 Impact Report
Here's the impact The Planetary Society and out members made on space science and exploration in fiscal year 2020.

Your Guide to Water on the Moon
Learn when we discovered lunar water, where it is, and how future missions will study it.

Atmospheres that intrigue, protect, and obscure
Catch up on the week’s space news and consider planetary atmospheres from a few thought-provoking perspectives.

A dwarf planet, a rogue planet, and a glow-in-the-dark moon
All the wonders that the cosmos offered up this week, plus news about NASA’s leadership and an exciting launch.

What's the post-election outlook for NASA and planetary exploration?
What does the political landscape look like for NASA and for The Planetary Society's 3 core enterprises of planetary exploration, the search for life, and planetary defense after the U.S.'s 2020 federal elections?

Why do we need NASA when we have SpaceX?
Watching SpaceX's incredible feats, you might wonder whether we need NASA. But in reality the organizations do very different things and rely on each other for success.

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