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Sat, 28 Nov 2020 17:37:43 -0800

A moon mountain and a radio retrospective
Say hello to a new lunar sample return mission and farewell to a long-lived radio observatory. Plus, celebrate 18 years of Planetary Radio.

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Moon Features You Can See From Earth
What can you see on the Moon tonight? This guide from The Planetary Society will help you identify some features.

Planetary Society Reacts to Loss of Arecibo Observatory Radio Telescope
Arecibo helped us explore the cosmos and our solar system, search for life, and defend Earth from potentially dangerous asteroids.

2020 Impact Report
Here's the impact The Planetary Society and out members made on space science and exploration in fiscal year 2020.

Your Guide to Water on the Moon
Learn when we discovered lunar water, where it is, and how future missions will study it.

Atmospheres that intrigue, protect, and obscure
Catch up on the week’s space news and consider planetary atmospheres from a few thought-provoking perspectives.

Your Guide to China’s Chang'e-5 Moon Mission
China's Chang’e-5 mission will bring Moon samples back to Earth to help us find out what was happening late in the Moon's history.

A dwarf planet, a rogue planet, and a glow-in-the-dark moon
All the wonders that the cosmos offered up this week, plus news about NASA’s leadership and an exciting launch.

What's the post-election outlook for NASA and planetary exploration?
What does the political landscape look like for NASA and for The Planetary Society's 3 core enterprises of planetary exploration, the search for life, and planetary defense after the U.S.'s 2020 federal elections?

Why do we need NASA when we have SpaceX?
Watching SpaceX's incredible feats, you might wonder whether we need NASA. But in reality the organizations do very different things and rely on each other for success.

Your Guide to Crew-1, SpaceX’s Second Astronaut Flight
The last time was a test. This time it was for real. SpaceX successfully launched 4 astronauts to the International Space Station on 15 November 2020.

This Year's Best Space Gifts, According to Our Members
Shopping for someone who loves space? Here's our 2020 gift guide.

Carl Sagan’s wisdom and vision, and how far we’ve come since his time
Even Sagan would be amazed by multitudes we now know our cosmos may hold. Learn more, plus get your scoop on the week’s space news.

The Cost of the MAVEN Mission to Mars
The MAVEN Mars orbiter cost $582.5 million to build and operate through its prime mission. But that's not the whole story.

Will Asteroid Apophis Hit Earth? Your Questions Answered.
Apophis will come closer to Earth in 2029 than our geostationary communications satellites.

A space spookfest
Catch up on news from across the ghoul-axy and beyond.

Your Guide to Uranus
Uranus may be the butt of all planet jokes, but there's much more to this world than potty humor.

Your Guide to Neptune
Neptune, our outermost planet, is a windy blue world with exotic ice, raging storms, rings, and a moon that could have a subsurface ocean.

Every NASA Budget Request, from 1961 to Now
A historical record of every budget justification provided by NASA to the U.S. Congress. These primary sources record proposed spending by the U.S. Presidential administration and the actual amounts spent on major programs.

Sample acquired! And: is your name in space?
Get the full scoop on Bennu and Venus, and get yourself the most cosmic face mask out there.

High-fiving Bennu and slingshotting Venus
Get ready for OSIRIS-REx’s upcoming sample collection and share your gift ideas for space lovers.

Your Guide to the OSIRIS-REx sample collection
NASA's OSIRIS-REx is scheduled to grab a sample from asteroid Bennu on 20 October 2020.

Your Guide to the 2020 Orionid Meteor Shower
Here's everything you need to know about the annual Orionid Meteor Shower and how to watch it.

NASA and JAXA to Send Planetary Society-supported Sample Technology to the Moon and Phobos
PlanetVac, developed by Honeybee Robotics, is designed to be a reliable, flexible, low-cost sample collection technology.

Your guide to MMX, Japan’s Martian Moons eXploration mission
MMX launches in 2024 to study Mars' moons and return samples from Phobos to Earth in 2029.

How to stop microbes from hitching a ride to space
Learn about planetary protection for exploring other worlds and get caught up on the week’s space news.

Meet Orbilander, a Mission to Search for Life on Enceladus
A team of scientists are pitching NASA a mission that would sample Enceladus' plumes from orbit and the surface.

Your Guide to NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, studies the Moon to help piece together the story of the inner solar system.

Jupiter dazzles and Neptune beckons
Feast your eyes on these images from space, catch up on the latest in exploration news, and get the lowdown on what’s up in the night sky.

We’re over the Moon for… well, for the Moon!
Everything you need to celebrate the Moon this week, plus a way you can help NASA thrive in 2021.

Can the Moon be upside down?
When you think about how the Moon looks in the night sky, you might never have considered that it looks different to people in other parts of the world. But really, perspective is all relative.

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A Goodbye, But Not Forever, From Emily Lakdawalla
After 19 years, Emily Lakdawalla is leaving The Planetary Society.

A Planetary Society Retrospective
Look back at the remarkable achievements our members have made over the past 4 decades, alongside other space milestones and events.

Your Impact: September Equinox 2020
We’ve made some big changes to planetary.org, as we continue to advance advocacy, defend Earth, and chart the future of space exploration.

Could there be life on Venus?
Explore exciting news in the search for life beyond Earth, and take a trip down memory lane with our co-founder.

Your Guide to Asteroids, Comets, and Other Small Worlds
These leftover planet-building materials are like time capsules that give us a peek into our origins.

Night Sky Photography for Beginners
An introduction to full-sky astrophotography using a digital camera.

Did Scientists Just Find Life on Venus? Here's How to Interpret the Phosphine Discovery
A Venusian biosignature, if confirmed, does not guarantee life, but it does represent a compelling argument for further exploration.

What’s up (and down) in space?
Wrap your head around orientations in space, and learn the latest in space exploration news.

Planetary Society Grant Winner Discovers Large Near-Earth Asteroid
The kilometer-wide object won't hit Earth, but would cause global-scale devastation if it did.

A devil on Mars and defenders of Earth
From dust devils and craters on the Martian surface to spots on the Sun, we’re taking a look at everything new and exciting in space science and exploration this week.

Mars approaches Earth, and Earthlings dream of going to Mars
Looking back into space and time, and looking forward to mission milestones and new endeavors. All this and more in your weekly space digest.

Your Guide to NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
Webb will see galaxies that formed just after the Big Bang and help determine whether planets orbiting other stars could support life.

Your Guide to NASA's Hubble Space Telescope
Hubble has revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos large and small.

Looking up at bright planets, asteroids, and burning trash
Get an update on the latest in space exploration, and find out how you can help defend the Earth from asteroid impacts.

Planetary Society Grant Winners Deal with Delays, Hunt Asteroids, and Discover Comet
Every 6 months, we ask our recent Planetary Society Shoemaker NEO Grant winners for a progress report. Here's what they told us.

Astronomy Course Quiz 2017
Introductory planetary science and astronomy class quiz for certification of completion.

The view from a rover’s eyes, and tips for viewing the night sky
What do professional basketball players have in common with a Mars rover? Plus more news from the adventure of space exploration.

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