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Sat, 25 Nov 2017 04:50:14 GMT

DoT exempts feature phones from GPS installation diktat
The Department of Telecommunications, which said in April last year that all mobile phones must have GPS capability, has now scaled down the mandate.

Monjin partners with Microsoft to provide next generation of interview assessments
Monjin, in association with Microsoft, is building the world’s first Azure-based aggregator platform, which pulls in interviewers to create a global assessment standard.

Hike Wallet crosses 5 million transactions a month, sees 30%--plus month-on-month growth
“Hike Wallet has seen a growth of over 30% month-over-month, in just 5 months, making it the fastest growing wallet in India,” the company said Thursday.

Apple will help Trai develop Do-Not-Disturb app
The regulator was, however, cautious about the outcome, saying it had been in talks with the Cupertino-based company for two years without any result.

Apple to help India develop anti-spam app after face-off with regulator
Officials complained Apple dragged its feet on advising the government how to develop an app that would allow iPhone users to report unsolicited marketing texts or calls as spam.

Twitter introduces premium APIs for developers
The new premium APIs bring the reliability and stability of Twitter's enterprise APIs to its broader developer ecosystem for the first time.

Jio set to launch its own VR app in 2018
The Founder and Managing Director of philmCGI,also spent time with senior academics of the university as part of a visit organised by the UK's Department of International Trade.

Amazon's audio business Audible to soon launch in India
​Acquired by Amazon in 2008 for $300 million, Audible sells digital audio-books, radio and TV programmes as well as audio versions of magazines and newspapers including The New York Times.

Empathy, life's experiences define one's success: Nadella
Nadella, 50, described how the birth of his son, Zain, (who was born with severe cerebral palsy) had a "deep impact" on him and was his 'Hit Refresh' moment.

Hyderabad to host NASSCOM, Unity’s developer conference from November 8-11
The NASSCOM's Game Developer Conference will feature interactive entertainment through talks, panels, super-pitches, tutorials and more.

Office 365, Kaizala app helping Indian firms go digital: Nadella
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that both the Office 365 and Kaizala app are transforming businesses and helping them in running their operations efficiently.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella interacts with employees in Hyderabad
Nadella, who arrived here late last night, left for New Delhi this afternoon after his interaction which took place earlier in the day.

SBI chooses Microsoft Office 365 for cloud powered productivity
The largest public-sector bank of India, SBI announced deployment of Office 365 at its 23,423 branches, enabling 263,000 employees and more than 500 million customer accounts under it.

IBM new Private cloud platform to strengthen its presence in the market
The company has been testing the product as a Beta since June this year and unveil to all its customers starting Wednesday.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says will invest more in India, Asia
To help millions of people, we are building products specifically designed for local markets in Asia, said Sundar Pichai.

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