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Tue, 30 May 2017 03:19:47 GMT

How Indian IT can compete with Google and Facebook and show the world a better way
Autocratic “digital sovereignty“ like China or Russia cannot be India's way: more than any other society , India stands to benefit economically from the open worldwide Net.

India leads globally in adoption of biometric technology: Report
The trust in technology and its adoption are driven not only by consumer trends, but can be encouraged by wider governmental support, it said.

Google's AlphaGo proves superiority over human opponents
For the second game in a row, a Google computer program called AlphaGo beat the world's best player of what many consider the world's most sophisticated board game.

Citrix Cloud services on Microsoft Azure helping firms transform: Satya Nadella
Citrix Cloud now offers integration with Azure Active Directory for administrators, internet of things (IoT) capabilities and other new services in the labs area.

NIIT Technologies partners with AI firm Arago
TRON Smart Automation is an end-to-end automation platform, which consolidates innovative technologies, practices, and best in class tools for business transformation.

Companies use kidnap insurance to guard against ransomware attacks
The kidnap policies are typically used by MNCs looking to protect their staff in areas where violence related to oil and mining operations is common.

Apple selling 'Made in India' iPhones on trial basis
The technology major a couple of days back had said that it was "beginning initial production of a small number of iPhone SE in Bengaluru".

Microsoft withheld update that could have slowed WannaCry: Report
"To be clear, Microsoft would prefer that companies upgrade and realise the full benefits of the latest version rather than choose custom support."

Android Go may come to India around Diwali
Analysts said unlike the failed Android One system, Android Go doesn’t dictate hardware standards, allowing handset makers to differentiate themselves.

What you should care about from Google's I/O conference
Google Assistant is going everywhere: Google talked more about its previously announced Software Development Kit for Google Assistant.

Google's voice-activated helpers need more assistance
But Google's ubiquity in people's lives hasn't been much of a help in the battlefield for the emerging technology of voice-activated intelligent assistants.

Google to bring standalone VR headsets to market this year
At its I/O developer conference, the company said Wednesday it’s working with Qualcomm Inc. on a sample design so other manufacturers can build headsets.

Google to offer new AI 'Supercomputer' chip via cloud
Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai announced the new chip on Wednesday during a keynote address at the Alphabet Inc. unit’s annual I/O event.

Google thinks beyond ads at annual developer conference
The first news Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai shared during his keynote on Wednesday was one of the company’s first chips designed in-house.

In battle of digital assistants, Google heads to Apple turf
"We are now witnessing a new shift in computing: the move from a mobile-first to an AI-first world," Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said during an opening presentation.

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