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Wed, 20 Sep 2017 16:28:59 GMT

NASSCOM signs agreement with local Chinese government to push for AI
The agreement was signed at Dalian on the sidelines of the first India-China Dalian Internet of Things (IoT) Conference aimed at exploring opportunities.

Why is ITaaS model inevitable for Indian Companies?
The game is slowly changing for the Indian IT industry as digital transformation and automation takes over.

WhatsApp rejects Britain's request to access encrypted messages
The inability to access terrorists' encrypted conversations is creating a "black hole" for security services, Britain-based Sky News quoted security sources saying on Tuesday.

After 19 years, Nasscom's flagship event to move to Hyderabad from Mumbai
The event which will be moved to Hyderabad and will be held in February is expected to see a lot more global participation and will be more focussed on policy.

Over 4 lakh Indians embrace Google 'Tez' in just 24 hours, Pichai bullish
Built on the Indian government-supported Unified Payments Interface (UPI), Tez allows users, free of charge, to make small or big payments straight from their bank accounts.

Digital payments bound to pick up again: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley
"Tez has been made for India and will make payments as simple as cash," said Caesar Sengupta, vice-president, Next Billion Users team, at Google.

Google payment app Tez sees a slow start; people call it “buggy”
Using NPCI's Unified Payment Interface, money transfers are simple and secure with Tez, said Google in Tez app description.

Know how fast is Tez, Google's new mobile payments app
Making a foray into mobile payments sector in India, tech giant Google today launched its Android payments app, Tez.

In the season of breaches, Indian conglomerates bolster cyber walls
The heightened focus on cyber crime comes at a time when Indian businesses were targetted recently by ‘ransonware’ cyber attacks such as Petya and WannaCry.

Google will translate street signs for you
These features will be on Translate’s Android and iOS apps. It was earlier available only in Hindi among Indian languages.

Netherlands software vendor Dynacommerce opens R&D Centre in Bengaluru
The Netherlands-based software vendor Dynacommerce on Wednesday announced the launch of its research and development centre in Bengaluru.

Ignoring spam calls can save India $414 million every year
“Indian users can save approximately 63 million hours by skipping spam calls -- assuming the average length of a spam call as 30 seconds,” the report analysis says.

Equifax hacking hits credit histories of nearly half of US population
An Equifax spokesperson told AFP the executives "had no knowledge that an intrusion had occurred at the time they sold their shares."

Adobe Systems launches gender pay parity policy
Adobe is working on closing the gender wage gap in the US by the end of its current fiscal year, in November, with women paid $1 for every $1 earned by male employees.

Many Indians spend 4 hrs/day on apps
India's top 20% (the most active Android users) was close behind the top 20% in South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan, whose users spent about 5 hours.

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