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Infosys donates Rs 2.50 crore to Kerala hospital
"In between there were some issues with regards to GST but finally the equipment has been installed. We have already put it to use in the first case, a few days back," said Anil.

To get IT jobs, non techies eye e-learning
With availability of online courses, professionals can learn while employed in their previous roles as well.

CEO Salil Parekh wants 3 years to transform Infosys
Infosys’ three-year plan has analysts worried that the company will lag its peers in growth. Infosys’ FY19 revenue forecast of 6-8% is already below the 7-9% target issued by industry lobby Nasscom.

Double-digit growth likely because TCS has refashioned for digital world: CEO Rajesh Gopinathan
Gopinathan: Digital is at the core and we see increasing traction in it. Enterprises are moving from experimenting with digital on the periphery to adopting it at the core.

TCS bets on Business 4.0 to push digital revenue to over $5 billion this year
Gopinathan said the "digital opportunity" globally runs in the billions as these new technologies are becoming increasingly entrenched across the table at an enterprise.

Behind TCS's race to $100 billion market cap: A radical reinvention
How did TCS manage to buck the trend when Indian IT firms are struggling with emerging technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence?

Goldman's former MD Crowhurst to now lead Cognizant’s M&A hunt
Allen Shaheen, who used to head the company’s mergers and acquisitions, is now executive vice president in charge of the company’s North America Delivery Centres.

Asti Infotech plans to raise $10-20 million
As per the plan, it claims to achieve a break even by Rs 5-7 crore by end of this year, thus strongly cementing its overseas reach.

Valuation guru Aswath Damodaran says most Indian IT firms are hitting retirement age
They need to change their business model as the the world changes rapidly, warns Aswath Damodaran, professor of finance at the NYU Stern School of Business.

Need massive reskilling programme for Infosys employees: CEO Salil Parekh
Infosys has always been the pride of the Indian IT sector and it enjoys tremendous loyalty from its clients, says CEO Salil Parekh.

Infosys taps M&A head Deepak Padaki to lead its troubled innovation fund
Padaki is an old Infosys hand and will focus on investments that will have a close relationship to Infosys’ digital services strategy.

Now is the time to sacrifice margins for growth, says new Infosys CEO Salil Parekh
Parekh is already making tough decisions, including pumping money into IoT, retraining employees, localising its workforce in the US.

TCS opens North America insurance hub in Iowa
The insurance hub is based in Cedar Rapids and TCS has automatically become one of the largest employers in the city.

Panaya: From gold to dust in three years
Investors and regulators might want to pick it up from where Murthy had left, as Panaya looks set to leave Infosys’ balance sheet forever.

Indian IT firms will still save 30% after paying $65,000 to US freshers
Indian firms are paying salaries of $55,000-65,000 to fresh computer science graduates as they look to replicate their pyramid model in their main market.

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