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Mon, 16 Oct 2017 23:39:57 GMT

Aadhaar introduces dynamic OTP in its app
"TOTP addresses OTP related shortcomings like residents dependency on mobile network for SMS delivery, etc,” Pandey added.

Over 5 million people download Google's 'Tez' payment app
Within 24 hours of 'Tez' being launched, Google saw nearly 1.8 crore gross merchandise volume (GMV) done with over four lakh active users.

Bollywood's Hinglish helps Microsoft decode language mixing
Researchers at Microsoft Research Labs are studying the unique ways in which Indians mix languages in everyday conversations.

Improving plant productivity, quality: IIT-Madras has an algorithm to fix factory woes
The algorithm was originally fed notions of high-performance, based on which it will scrounge the data sets for parameters that are indispensable for high output.

Google uncovered Russia-backed ads on YouTube, Gmail: Source
Microsoft Corp said separately on Monday that it was looking at whether Russians bought U.S. election ads on its Bing search engine or other Microsoft-owned products and platforms.

Paying ransom will make you hackers' preferred future target: McAfee
McAfee has solutions that provide a real-time way to unite data and actions across multiple applications from different vendors, as well as to internally developed applications to deal with threats.

IIT-Madras has an algorithm to fix factory woes
The software, built on general-purpose computing languages like Python and Java, has mathematical models as driving fundamentals.

Downloading an app? Don't take that risk without enough precaution
Smartphone apps, especially those that come free, are risky because your smartphone is more vulnerable than your desktop to security threats.

Adobe invests in Aadhaar-based authentication for its 'e-sign' solution
Thecompany said the market for e-signatures in India was growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 57 per cent and was expected to cross over 90 million transactions by 2020.

Does Apple slow down your old iPhone to make you buy the new one? Read to know
There are reports that searches like “iPhone slow” or “iPhone slowed down” on Google spiked before the release of the new model.

Government to introduce preferential public procurement for cybersecurity products
The ministry of electronics and IT has released a draft notification proposing preference for domestically manufactured or produced cybersecurity products for public procurement.

India's Aadhaar rivals growth of Windows, Android, Facebook: Satya Nadella
Nadella, in his book 'Hit Refresh', which was released during the ongoing Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference, has praised India's leap forward in the digital and technological arena.

Microsoft to deploy artificial intelligence for Flipkart’s future sales
Flipkart, which recently concluded its Big Billion Day sales, saw three-times more users and as much as 30 times its usual amount of traffic during the sale.

Zynga now has a game for India tapping data usage
Zynga India country head Deepthi Menon told ET the studio has developed its first mobile game that is “made in India for India”and is targeted at the rising number of women mobile gamers.

Russia willing to assist in controlling Blue Whale Challenge, Madras HC told
The court is hearing a suo motu PIL initiated by it following the recent suicide of a Madurai-based college boy, who had allegedly taken to the online challenge.

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